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Anna's Bedroom DIY
Anna's Bedroom DIY
Anna's Bedroom DIY
Anna's Bedroom DIY
Anna's Bedroom DIY
Anna's Bedroom DIY

Anna's Bedroom DIY

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If making dollhouses as a hobby is something you are fond of, then you will truly enjoy this DIY miniature! There are many realistic features and intricate details to these dollhouses which makes for an intriguing project. Each DIY kit comes with everything you need to assemble an amazing looking dollhouse. The kit contains a large set of components that need to be assembled and glued together to create the frame, furniture, plants, decorations and more. It will take time and patience to build, but you'll end up with a completed project that you are very proud of: a miniature dollhouse full of small, wonderful things such as potted plants, bed and even wall art.

  • Unique Christmas gift
  • A great way to spend quality time with the family and loved ones
  • Manual with detailed instructions will guide you how to assemble step by step
  • Enhances creativity and brain development
  • Sustainable manufacturing
Product Details
Scale: 1:24
Dimensions: 160*120*150mm
Material: Wood, Metal, Paper, Fabric
Content: Brushes, Tweezers
Estimated assembly time: 16 hours
Instructions: English
Age Range: 8+
Recommended age: 14+
Gender: Unisex
Weight: 640g
Note: Batteries and glue are not included!