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70s VW Camper Van DIY
70s VW Camper Van DIY
70s VW Camper Van DIY
70s VW Camper Van DIY
70s VW Camper Van DIY
70s VW Camper Van DIY
70s VW Camper Van DIY
70s VW Camper Van DIY

70s VW Camper Van DIY

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Would you like to travel back in time?
This timeless VW camper van takes you back to the wild 70s and makes the hearts of all camping fans beat faster!

There is nothing better than the excitement when we go on a camping adventure.
Enjoy a journey back in time to the 1970s while building your own VW Camper Van from 242 wooden parts.
This model kit is a realistic replica of the actual VW Camper Van from the 1970s - from the extendable sun protection to the interior, the entire stylish design of the VW Camper Van DIY was inspired by real VW caravans. The style and charm of the previous caravans is still timeless and it is therefore all the more exciting to build such a model kit.

More and more toys should not only be designed to play, but also to learn something from them. They are educational and fun at the same time. Excellent for stimulating open thinking and encouraging children's hands to coordinate eyes and focus. If you love puzzles and love building amazing things, you will love this 3D wooden model kit.

  • Unique Christmas gift
  • Manual with detailed instructions will guide you how to assemble step by step
  • All furniture is the same as picture shown
  • Enhances creativity and brain development
  • A great way to spend quality time with the family and loved ones
  • Sustainable manufacturing
  • No additional tools or glue required.-simply unpack and start building immediately
Product Details
Scale: 1:14
Dimensions: 290*115*140mm
Material: Wood, Fabric, Accessoires
Wood Pieces: 242 pcs
Estimated assembly time: 4-8 hours
Instructions: English
Age Range: 8+
Recommended age: 14+
Weight: 600g