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Simon's Coffee DIY
Simon's Coffee DIY
Simon's Coffee DIY

Simon's Coffee DIY

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Enjoy the variety of details, such as coffee maker, books and piano, and decorate your own mini cafe to your own liking and imagination.
Building this DIY miniature Simon's Coffee will require extreme concentration, immense attention to detail, and untiring patience to perfectly complete each and every detail, from the shelves full of books and cups to the small radio on the piano. It's going to be a challenge, but rest assured, nothing will compare to the sheer sense of accomplishment you'll feel once it's finished! Furthermore, completing this project will develop and improve you motor skills, spatial reasoning, concentration, attention to detail, problem-solving, and creativity. If you like a challenge, this DIY project will test your skills to find out if you have what it takes to become a true master of the miniature models!
  • Unique Christmas gift
  • Manual with detailed instructions will guide you how to assemble step by step
  • Will keep you entertained for days as they take some time and patience to build
  • Great for inspiring open-ended thinking, encouraging kids’ hand to eye coordination and concentration
  • All furniture is the same as picture shown
  • Sustainable manufacturing
Product Details
Scale: 1:24
Dimensions: 226*194*190mm
Material: Wood, Metal, Paper, Fabric
Content: LED light, Brushes, Tweezers, Glue
Estimated assembly time: 20 hours
Instructions: English
Age Range: 8+
Recommended age: 14+
Gender: Unisex
Weight: 1000g
Batteries: Not included